Why I joint the BERSIH rally?

Yesterday when I published my post regarding November 10th BERSIH rally, here are the responses I’ve received: “These people have nothing better to do?” “Wah you were there?” “What happened?” “No wonder traffic so jam…” “Did you hurt?” “You’re brave, brother” “Did you bring your son there?” Seems like many people don’t know what are… Continue reading Why I joint the BERSIH rally?

BERSIH Gathering 10th Nov

At 12pm, i went to Great Eastern Mall for lunch with my wife. From Ampang until Great Eastern Mall such a short distance along Jalan Ampang , there were already 2 police road blocks ready to stop people to go for the gathering. After having lunch, my wife sent me to Jelatak LRT station so… Continue reading BERSIH Gathering 10th Nov

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