My 2015 running/hiking summary

Vibram HK100 organizers

I didn’t actively participate in running events in 2015, compared to previous years where I normally joined more than 10 races in a year. Anyway, here is the summary of my 2015 sports activities. Running events Nike We Run KL 21km Date: 1 Feb 2015 Distance: 21KM Completion time: 02:02:31 It’s been a long time… Continue reading My 2015 running/hiking summary

One month in Taiwan (II)

Been back to Malaysia for almost 1 week, it’s time for me to report about my second month I stayed in Taiwan 😛 Unlike the first month, this month the working schedule was not too tight, I able to walk around this time, to Taipei, Sun Moon Lake (日月潭) and Feng Jia night market(逢甲夜市). And… Continue reading One month in Taiwan (II)

My Working Space at Taiwan

This is the place that I have been sitting, working and eating for almost 2 months.

One month in Taiwan (I)

After working in Taiwan for one month, finally I am here back to Malaysia. Stayed in Taichung, didn’t really enjoy the trip because working almost everyday and eating Bian Dang almost everyday also. Didn’t really have chance to take photos around. Here are some photos taken. And the worst thing was, I’ve missed Han Ler’s… Continue reading One month in Taiwan (I)

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